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Integrated Financial Partners - Waltham, MA


Our Story

Integrated Financial Partners (IFP) serves over 20,000 clients nationwide, with an innovative approach to financial coordination through the formation of wealth management teams.  Founded in 1996, IFP has been blending the expertise of financial planners, certified public accountants and family practice attorneys within our Professional Partners Program™. This team approach provides the open communication that allows individuals, families and businesses to put their trust in us.

We now have over 100 formal partnerships between financial planners, CPAs and law firms in more than 110 locations. Throughout the years, we’ve learned that your story is unique. Our goal is to be nimble enough to improve your particular financial situation. Perhaps you will see yourself in what we have to offer.

Our Financial Second Opinion™ provides an objective view of what matters most, when you need fresh eyes on your total position. We strive to catch what others might have missed.

Our Plan for Financial Comfort™ is designed to help you prepare for your financial future with an emphasis on handling life’s twists and turns.  Job change, birth of a child, death of a loved one – these all cause money to “go in motion.”  Ensuring financial safety and security are not do-it-yourself tasks. 

Our Lifetime Income Model™ allows you to strike a balance between risk and reward in order to achieve an appropriate retirement distribution plan. Our objective is to significantly impact your income while improving your quality of life during retirement.

Our Integrated 401(k) Model™ shows you how your employee retirement plan fits into your wealth accumulation goals. For business owners, 401(k) plans have never been more complex.  Our Integrated 401(k) Model™ strives to keep you out of harm’s way and our 401(k) Fix-it Program™ provides direction during challenging times.

Our Business Owner Model™ offers creative solutions with a goal toward improving the financial health of what may be your single largest asset. We coordinate with legal and insurance specialists to manage all the moving parts, from employee benefits to succession planning. IFP knows how your business can impact your family.

Our Legacy Discussion Model™ helps your family with wealth transfer and long-term-care needs that may involve heirs and your charitable interests.  Let us help you shape the future for generations to come by having an impactful conversation about your wealth distributions goals.

We will always be ready to serve you. It is embedded in our culture to remain fiercely independent in the service of our clients. When families put their trust in us, we concentrate with a singleness of purpose with a goal of improving their financial position and fixing their problems. We can be trusted with your confidence, and trusted to share the truth with you. We owe you that, always.