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Your Story

You are unique, and so is your financial situation. You may be working or retired, a corporate executive or a business owner, married or single, surrounded by grandkids or currently without children. In all circumstances, everyone could use a bit of financial guidance.

When it comes to investing and financial planning, maybe you’ve been the do-it-yourself type for years and are only now following the suggestion of your accountant or attorney to get an advisor. Perhaps you have grown dissatisfied with your old advisory firm, whether because it’s a gigantic brokerage that sees you as a number instead of a person or because it’s a small shop that can’t handle your complex needs.  

Whatever the case, you are reading this, so chances are you’re ready for something different and a better understanding of your goals and needs. Choosing the proper advisory firm is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your finances.

If you’re like most people, the gyrations of the stock market may feel baffling at times. Determining how to protect your family and business with insurance can feel equally intimidating. Even if you have already crafted a household budget, you may wonder why it’s so challenging to stick with it while also enjoying the things you thought you could afford.


Those are just the basics. Depending on your situation, the appropriate financial strategy could have many more factors. For example, a new job offer may come with a sophisticated compensation package including restricted stock options. Inheriting a family vacation home could present the opportunity to rent it out for additional income. A trusted acquaintance might ask you to invest in their alluring start-up venture.

In each of these scenarios, you would do well to consult with a financial advisor – as well as an accountant and attorney. When your advisor works with those other professionals, you can be sure both your tax strategy and your legal exposure to assets will match your financial strategy. Your unique circumstances call for customized solutions.

If you already have an advisor, you may need a Financial Second Opinion™ to help determine if you are on track. Our Plan for Financial Comfort™ can help you prepare for life's unexpected challenges. If you’re uncertain about how to maintain income and quality of life during retirement, our Lifetime Income Model™ could make a world of difference. If you would like to improve your employee retirement plan, consider our Integrated 401(k) Model™. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will appreciate the logical process of our Business Owner Model™. And if you think about what will happen to your family and your business after you’re gone, a Legacy Discussion™ could provide useful answers.

At IFP, we know that your story is all about you. We stand ready to listen and help.